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Bosch Hieronymus

Netherlands Northern Renaissance artist. Born 1450 - died 1516. BOSCH, JEROM (c. 1460-1518), the name generally given, from his birthplace Hertogenbosch, to Hieronymus van Aeken, the Dutch painter. He was probably a pupil of Albert Ouwater, and may be called the Breughel of the 15th century, for he devoted himself to

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One of the greatest painters Hieronymus Bosch painted this beautiful painting well-known as The Seven Deadly Sins WGA. There are a lot of other works in our database.

The Seven Deadly Sins WGA

Recommended: 21 x 18 "


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This Bosch Hieronymus Oil Painting reproduction masterpiece is hand painted by a real artist. No digital or printing techniques are used. You are commisioning a real painting.

An additional 3 inches of blank canvas on all sides is applied leaving plenty of room for framing or mounting.

Medium is Oil Painting on Canvas.


Delivered within 14 to 21 days.

Shipped in a special protective tube.

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