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Hand Painted Oil Painting Reproductions on Canvas

Choose from 300,000+ paintings and 10.000+ painters in our online reproduction oil painting art gallery.
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Finding a beautiful painting:

Browsing oil painting categories & our other selections of paintings. We offer the biggest collection of old masters that can be turned into hand painted oil painting reproductions on canvas; we paint portraits from your photos and offer a range of other related services. Frames and framing service, gift certificates and free E-cards.

For your convenience, we have several tools for you to browse our extensive selection of paintings, peruse a particular category, or search for a specific item. We have created Galleries for each broad category. Within such a painting gallery, we often highlight New Arrivals, Top Sellers, & Customer Favorites.

If you are not sure what you are looking for? Just choose a subject that you like from one of the extensive categories to browse trough collection to get a good impression what you kind of art you like.

Perusing: Know what you like but need some ideas?

View the Category link on the left side navigation bar on each page of our site. You can click on a Category link and view multiple subsets of paintings that we can reproduce within that Category. For example, if you like paintings of Animals and click on the Animal Category link, you will see our oil painting selection includes everything from Armadillos to Zebras!

Searching: Know what you are looking for?

Type a key word in the "Search" box and hit "Enter" or click on the 'GO' link to the right of the box. The search will yield broad results for you to review since our search engine matches all images of the oil paintings associated with that key word. For example, if you type the word "green" in the search box, we will give you all the results containing this word to choose from.



Need help? Ask Nikita

Nikita is our Art expert. She is here to help you with any questions you might have regarding oil painting reproductions you would like to order with us. Questions could be simple advise on what kind of art would look nice in your house, which works you are likely to love based upon your personal taste, or maybe you are looking for particularNikita works, genres or styles and you cannot find them. Simply send her an e-mail and she is glad to help out.
Please note! We are not an auction-house, and Nikita is not an expert appraiser. So we cannot provide you with an appraised value of any of your current works.

Why Order From Us?

There are many sites offering 'oil painting reproductions' and we understand that you have came across sites like 1startgallery, abcgallery and many others that all offer oil painting reproductions. Since they all claim to offer the same, museum top quality hand painted oil painting reproductions with huge discounts, free shipping, money back guarantee we like to explain to you why you should choose us when ordering a hand painted oil painting reproduction.
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Our Quality Quarantees!

The quality of our paintings is of vital importance to us. If you wouldn't make sure you are completely satisfied with the hand painted oil painting reproduction we paint for you then we wouldn't be in business. Every painting is a true piece of Art and s checked by a Master Artist prior to being shipped for free. We are committed to deliver you a top quality oil painting reproduction.
Your satisfaction is
100% guaranteed! Quality guarantee
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Top Questions from 1st Time Visitors

Why should I buy from you, it seems you have so much competition out there

Yes its true, there are hundreds of companies out there that are all selling oil painting reproductions. Of course you would want us to explain why you should order from us and what it is that makes us stand out of the crowd. It seems everyone is shouting the same thing and some are really cheap. We can tell you there is a lot of complete rubbish on the market and many of the other companies are hobbyists. There is only a handful of professional really good providers to choose from. Let us give you the compelling reasons to buy from us. please take a few minutes to read this article >

Do we make the work look old?

Every painting needs a different approach. We do not apply an imitation crackle effect. Apart from it being too much of an effort it could give the impression as if we are working on forgeries. Neither the canvas stretcher, canvas nor frame are made to look old. We want to be continuously on our guard to make sure we are not producing skilled illegal forgeries.

Are you a First Time visitor?

How much time does it
take to make a

It takes approximately 3 to 5 weeks. It depends on the size, style and complexity of the painting (for instance whether it has many people depicted on it).

Can I keep up with the painting process?

No, unfortunately that is not possible right now. However, we are working to develop a system that will allow you to log into a special "OnlineArtStudio" where we will upload the most recent photos of your work for you to see.

Do we forge the masters
signature on the work of

No we do not. Your copy will be identical to the original apart from two main aspects.
It will not have a forged signature of the original master. Although beautiful and true to the
original, our works cannot and may not be forgeries! In addition, the size of the work must always differ slightly from the original. Although you probably have your own preferences with respect to size, approximately 1 inch will be
added should you require a painting in the
original size.

Be part of our passion

First Time Visitors:

Welcome to Passion for Paintings. Our collection comprises Oil painting reproductions and portraits painted from your photo.

We offer you an unique opportunity to owe a genuine hand painted work of art inspired by one of the greats. Browse through our website and view more than 300.000+ masterpieces from our online collection of over 10.000+ famous painters. Our artists create hand painted oil painting reproductions based on the world's finest painting artworks. From Monet to Tissot, van Gogh, and Rembrandt to Michelangelo, all the old masters are in our collection of oil paintings that we can reproduce for you on canvas.

We have been active in the art industry since 1997 and are one of professional global companies that create hand painted oil painting reproductions on canvas and portraits from your photos. We have customers in the USA, Canada, Latin America, throughout Europe and even in the Middle East and Africa. We are proud being able to provide beautiful art reproductions to people around the globe. Among them are famous hotels, museums, large and small companies, interior designers, public places, galleries, private collectors, and art lovers.


"Thank you for a beautiful Renoir reproduction and kind service."

Nina - Lyon (France)

If you like you can read some testimonials or take a look at examples from recently painted oil paintings.
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Please Note: Our Web site is our only catalog. It contains a virtual listing of our extensive selection of oil paintings. At this time, we do not offer a printed catalog. Next to our website we have a private library that contains thousands of art books that we use as additional sources to check details and other vital information about a certain painting.

Want to know more about how to order a hand painted oild painting reproduction ?

Placing an Order:

Ordering from Passion For Paintings is Secure and Simple!

Under each thumbnail (small) painting image, we list key details to help you with your purchase decision: Name of Painting, Name of Artist, Dimensions* (different size avail-able), Price, Order Information & Viewing Options.

*Please note: To view a single, larger image of a painting, click on the image itself or the "Enlarge Painting Image" button shown when you roll your mouse over the image.

Click on "Add to Cart" to add the painting to your shopping cart. If you would like to save some paintings from your shopping cart simply move them to your wish-list by clicking the 'add to wish-list' link displayed below the painting image in your shopping cart. If appropriate, enter any Gift Certificate or Coupon Code you have and click "apply code". When you have finished shopping and are ready to complete your order, click on "Proceed to Checkout".

On the checkout page you will fill out your your personal data including shipping address and select your preferred type of payment. When you are ready proceed to selecting your payment type, select from any of the payment types we offer, including PayPal, Credit Cards, and even local payment methods that are available in your region.

Once you are finished with the ordering process You will receive a confirmation email once your order has been submitted. Once your order is received we start the painting process. Painting your reproduction usually takes between 15 and 25 business days. Shipping is FREE. We make sure your painting is properly packed in a strong tube. We work with fast courier services like FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT or EMS Express to make sure your oil painting reproduction will arrive fast and safe.

Our Quality Guarantee
We are committed to deliver you a top quality painting and in doing so your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! If for whatever reason you are not satisfied when you receive your beautiful oil painting, just let us know and we will refund your money. For more details please see our returns and exchanges policy for more information.

Care for your painting - maintenance
Our hand painted oil paintings are true works of art. Its important to properly take care of your artwork. For more details check out the Care for your painting page.

Customer Service & Contacting Us Need Help? Ask Nikita
If you have any questions just let us know. We have a comprehensive Frequently Asked Question section on our site but if that somehow does not answer your question just Ask Nikita by fill out our customer support form. Or contact our Customer Service Center at service@passionforpaintings.com Nikita is our much valued art expert, just feel free to ask her for advise or about the status of your order.

Various other subjects:

Wholesale, Retail & Resellers (e.g. Shops & Interior designers)
We supply wholesales and retailers in Europe, Asia and north & south America. Contact us for more information via phone or at wholesale@passionforpaintings.com

Copyright Information/Permission to use Images
We cannot give you permission to use the images on our Web site as we do not hold all the copyrights for these images. For certain images we are given permission to use these images in order to sell the products they represent.


Your payment being a 100% save with us is our highest priority. We use a secure SSL payment gateway to process your information and payment.

If after reading all this you still have any doubts about placing an order or have questions let us know, we are here to help and would love to welcome you as one of our much appreciated "Art loving" customers.

Kind regards,
Satisfaction for Art Lovers

O U R  R E P R O D U C T I O N  P R O C E S S :

Every oil painting reproduction is hand painted especially for you.
Stage 1 - the sketch, Stage 2 - first layer, Stage 3 - main outlines, Stage 4 - final details. Stage 5 - final inspection: Once the finishing touch has been applied and the quality inspection by the master painter carried out, the work is finished.
The whole process takes approximately 3 to 5 weeks. We offer FREE Packaging, FREE Handling & Insurance and FREE worldwide shipping!

Our painting process: step 1-the sketch,step 2 - first layer,step 3-main outlines,step 4final details